Posts made in January 2020

Trends in 2020

2020 is the start of a new year and a new decade. Why not brighten up your bathroom with a backlit mirror? A backlit mirror is a customized mirror with light-emitting diodes or LED lights behind or at the sides of the mirror. There are many benefits of having a backlit mirror in your bathroom. It won’t cast shadows. It emits the light in a uniform manner which is great for applying makeup and shaving. Backlit mirrors are an elegant piece to have in your bathroom.

Another statement piece for your home is an antique mirror. Antique mirrors offer a depth and richness to your design. They are not just for your bathroom but can be used to decorate your walls or as an accent piece. It gives the effect of an heirloom piece adorning your space.

Matte Black hardware is slowly becoming a popular color. Matte Black offers a very sleek and contemporary look to your shower. Instead of using chrome which is a predictable color. Matte Black is more of a statement piece. It gives a nice contrast with the clear glass and allowing the shower as a whole to look like a beautiful piece of work.

Glass Class

At Arrow Glass Industries, we love giving tours of our state of the art integrated glass facility. We can accommodate any size group. We will provide a meeting room with a monitor and computer hookups, feed your team, and have an educational tour. Book a Glass Class today with AGI!