Posts made in February 2020

Display in Our Success

Our team was contracted to provide glass for display cases for an upcoming business in Austin. In working together with the owner and Contractor, our Austin team offered several options for various display case types. After finalizing the design, our team measured and installed the glass for nine cases. The display cases have sliders , push-to-open doors, and stationary panels for employees to change out their products as needed. An amazing job by our Austin team on a successful installation on a product AGI typically does not provide.

Chili Cook-Off

Our San Antonio team participated in the Greater San Antonio Builders Association’s annual Chili Cook-Off and Washer Tournament. Our team’s booth theme was champions. We won last year, trying to defend our title this year we dressed up as champions and had a boxing ring. The team enjoyed every minute of it, eating delicious food and bonding with each other outside the office. We invited our customers to come and enjoy the event. We met vendors and spent time with them. Although we did not win anything this year, the fun experience and the memories made was the real reward.  

The AGI Notch

Arrow Glass Industries continues to innovate and improve our products along with our install time. Standard operating procedures for installing shower glass onto a cap or seat are to CUT into the granite or marble then slip the glass panel into the cut and silicone the gap. This leaves a messy and unfinished look. Our latest invention is the AGI Notch, which is a process of cutting the glass panel (with our waterjet technology) instead of the granite allowing the glass to slip over and around the cap. This allows for a very finished look and does not destroy the expensive cap. This precise operation takes very tight measuring, production, and installation. Partner with AGI today and enjoy innovations that not only improve the look of your house but allow you to close quicker. Arrow Glass Industries, ALWAYS A NOTCH ABOVE!