Commercial Glass Fast

15 hour drive to denver colorado

What happens when your neighborhood commercial glass installers give you a time frame of 4 weeks?

You go to

One of the many reasons to choose Arrow Glass Industries for Commercial Glass

AGI has the Fastest Custom Glass in the Industry. At every level, from concept to install, Arrow Glass has the fastest completion time in the glass industry. Quotes will be returned within 24 hours and installs will be completed in 2-3 days. Avoid the 3-4 week delays! Arrow Glass Industries 2-3 day completions make AGI a clear choice for your next commercial project. 

This past month, Lucky Brand recieved a quote from a local glass company indicating a completion time of 4 weeks for 6 pieces of 1/2″ tempered glass. They went on a hunt to find a company who could get their 6 pieces of 1/2″  tempered glass done in less time. They were furious that they would be losing millions waiting 4 weeks to open.  Luckily, they called AGI Friday Afternoon. 

Measurements came in Saturday night. Sunday and Monday were spent optimizing and cutting the glass needed.  Tuesday was spent delivering and installing. That’s just how fast Arrow Glass is. 

Driving 15 hours (over 1,000 miles) to deliver glass in 3 days is unheard of in the glass industry.  In other words, Arrow Glass Industries re-affirmed our slogan with the Fastest Custom Glass in the industry… Period!

Lucky Brand storefront
Crate used to carry glass from houston to denver
Arrow Glass Industries Glass Installers loading Truck

Back to School

Arrow Glass Industries is committed to an empowered, well trained workforce that is innovative and responsive .  We will continue to lead our industry in delivery times and creative processes and products through inauguration of our resources. This starts with AGIU.

The Challenge

Most employers don’t train young workers like they used to. In 1979, the average young worker received 2.5 weeks of training per year. By 1995, training time fell to just 11 hours. More recent data has been hard to find, by 2011 only a fifth of employees reported receiving on-the-job training from their employers over the past five years.


The Solution

In 2015, Arrow Glass Industries noticed this gap and decided to change the game. Kristina Falla, Onboarding and Retention Specialist created AGI University, (also known as AGI U). It’s a three week long training process including rigorous testing, skill building, and continued education for all new comers and current employees. Now AGI U has developed into one of Arrow’s the most valuable divisions, growing our retention rate to an astonishing  97%.

AGI is an industry leader known for it’s innovative practices. This continued education class sets us above all other competitors and gives you the piece of mind knowing your job will be completed by the industry best AGI employees.

What is Commercial Interior Design?

Commercial interior design plays a pivotal role in the success of any business… but what is it exactly?
Commercial interior designers conceptualize spaces for businesses. They seek to increase functionality and elevate style for financial gain. Whether it’s a luxury hotel developer or a small business owner, it is up to the commercial interior designer to translate the client’s vision in ways that are practical, profitable, and of course, chic. Because the scope of work is much larger than residential projects, commercial interior designers usually take on more responsibilities.
Arrow’s commercial interior designers are trained to prioritize functionality and safety without sacrificing style or aesthetics. For example, a luxury hotel needs to accommodate a certain amount of guests if it wants to maximize profits. But in order to do so, the hotel has to impress guests with spacious rooms, lavish bathrooms, and breathtaking views. It should wow guests with its lobby, and make room for high-endamenities.
It falls on the commercial interior designer to make all of these requirements come together into one usable and beautiful space…and they are more than qualified to do so!
Our commercial interior designers know how to space plan without surrendering design. They are also trained to ensure that everything within the physical structure is safe and up to code. They are heavily involved in the renovation and construction process, and work closely with contractors and manufacturers to make important structural decisions including architectural details, lighting, floor and ceiling design, window placement, and technological upgrades. Arrow’s commercial interior designers also define the project’s scope of work, draw schematics and blueprints, select the right materials, and oversee budgeting and scheduling, along with other important duties.

It takes a team

It may seem like an oxymoron to put
safety and glass together as if glass can
be safe, but in reality, we as a team
make transporting and installing glass as
safe as possible. The inexperience of
workers on a job site could create an environment
where accidents, and even
injury can occur.
At AGI, everyone takes a rigorous education
course where only the best skilled
workers are put to the test. This sets us
apart from all other competitors and
gives you the piece of mind knowing
your job will get done without incident.
Glass installation is what we do best!
If you need tempered or laminated
glass, for your next build, we have it in
stock at AGI.
No matter the job, big or small AGI can
do it all!

Making a Connection

AGI conducted an information session with the management team of MEDCO Construction in Dallas, Texas.  This informal “get-to-know” us meeting is always a favorite for the AGI team. We love introducing our products and services to companies such as MEDCO Construction, and in return, we get to learn more about their company and what we can do to help them grow their business. In this meeting, our Dallas sales team, which included Kerry Pollard, Duayne Price, and Jeff Host, shared information about AGI and provided breakfast for the MEDCO Construction team. As you know, everything is better with food.

Meetings such as this are where strong business relationships are forged because you just can’t beat the connections that can be made in a face-to-face meeting. This type of open and honest discussion, helps each party involved come to a “meeting of the minds” so to speak so that a relationship between the two businesses will not only develop, and grow but thrive.

Arrow Glass Industries, a.k.a. AGI lives by its motto of being “the fastest custom glass in the industry…period”. Our top three goals are to be fast, cost-effective, and provide our customers with quality products and services.

If your company is looking for a glass fabrication company, with a long and reputable history, look no further than AGI. With six locations in Texas, we can service just about any place in Texas, just give the office nearest you a call so we can “make a connection” with you and your team.