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They cut my tile

AGI notch glass installers cut around the granite and tile

Carrara Italian marble tile, polished to perfection. This brought me the utmost joy walking into my newly remodeled bathroom. Sitting on my newly tiled bench oddly relaxed me and put me at ease. Now time for the glass to tie all the beauty all together. My home builder recommended his favorite glass installers, they were going to be giving me a quote that same day. 

My installer came. With muddy boots all over my newly polished tile he pointed saying “We are gonna have to cut right here, and here, and here to install the glass.” Wait. What? No way, I thought; you’re not touching my tiles! 

“Yeah, we have no way to make the glass form around the tile.” Not my new tile! I had just spent a fortune installing those little hexagons and subway tiles to perfection. He then smiled and gave me the quote price as I excorted him out. 

Yes. That horror story really happened.

But thankfully I went with Arrow Glass Industries…. Who did in fact, have a way to make their glass fit my beautiful carrara tiles. 

Within two days, I had completed my complete bathroom remodel. I am proud I went to Arrow Glass Industries, they delivered quality glass and exceptional service. 


AGI takes center stage with our uniquly designed notch. Our best feature includes cutting the glass to make it fit anywhere; such as a pony wall, shelf, or shower seat. 

Arrow Glass Industries is committed to the quality improvement process. We strive to meet or exceed those expectations everytime by providing top quality material and unmatched service. Don’t loose future business by recommending other glass installers!

Blood Donation- Giving the Gift of Life

Blood donations do not keep pace with hospital demand during the summer months. Every day there are thousands of lives to help save. Therefore, Arrow Glass Industries invited eligible donors to roll up a sleeve during the 1st annual Arrow Company Blood donation drive Wednesday, Aug. 7th. 
This blood drive came as the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center faced an emergency need for blood donors to give blood and help avoid delays in lifesaving medical care for patients.
“Summer months are among the most challenging times of the year for collecting blood. Regular donors delay giving while they vacation and participate in seasonal activities. Yet, patients are always counting on the generosity of blood donors to keep replenishing the life-saving supply. Therefore, Thank you Arrow Glass Industries for partnering with us to help save and sustain lives!”
 Operations Coordinator of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
Starting at 8:00 am, the day took off quick. Gulf Coast Regionals donation van filled up, as there were so many eager employees wanting to donate. Within two hours we hit our projected goal of 15 donations. Arrow Glass Industries is very thankful for all of the 77 employees who chose to donate blood. Because of you over 100 lives were saved!

About Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center began operations on Jan. 1, 1975. Serving the largest medical campus in the world, The Blood Center has grown to more than 650 employees and serves more than 170 hospitals and health care institutions in the 26-county Texas Gulf Coast, Brazos Valley and East Texas regions.
To meet the needs of the area community, The Blood Center must collect about 800 donations every day. That is why The Blood Center encourages individuals to Commit for Life. partnership between the community and Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. They are focused saving lives, today and in the future.
Employee donating blood
Employee donating blood
Employee Donating Blood

Back to School

Arrow Glass Industries is committed to an empowered, well trained workforce that is innovative and responsive .  We will continue to lead our industry in delivery times and creative processes and products through inauguration of our resources. This starts with AGIU.

The Challenge

Most employers don’t train young workers like they used to. In 1979, the average young worker received 2.5 weeks of training per year. By 1995, training time fell to just 11 hours. More recent data has been hard to find, by 2011 only a fifth of employees reported receiving on-the-job training from their employers over the past five years.


The Solution

In 2015, Arrow Glass Industries noticed this gap and decided to change the game. Kristina Falla, Onboarding and Retention Specialist created AGI University, (also known as AGI U). It’s a three week long training process including rigorous testing, skill building, and continued education for all new comers and current employees. Now AGI U has developed into one of Arrow’s the most valuable divisions, growing our retention rate to an astonishing  97%.

AGI is an industry leader known for it’s innovative practices. This continued education class sets us above all other competitors and gives you the piece of mind knowing your job will be completed by the industry best AGI employees.

Barn Door Style

As a home builder, it is  imperative that you stay up-to-date with what is current and trending in the housing market.

Knowing what your customers want is the only way you will keep a  competitive edge on the competition. With that being said, frameless glass showers are all the rage but the glass barn door sliding shower door is what they call the “hotness”. A barn door slider offers a new take on your typical glass shower door options.  The barn style glass has exceptional versatility. It adds style and presence which can be scaled up to work in a large expansive bathroom setting or it can be scaled down to work just a well in a smaller bathroom where space is limited and a swinging door is not a viable option.

You can’t go wrong with a glass shower door of any type, because that is what customers want, but adding a barn door slider to your build, shows your  customers that you are a builder who is willing to go above and beyond the “typical” by giving them something exceptional.

Safety Glass

It may seem like an oxymoron to put safety and glass together as if glass can be safe, but in reality, there are forms of glass that are “safer” than others. In the glass world, two types of glass can be considered “safe,” and they are tempered glass and laminated glass. Do you know the difference between the two? No, well, let’s examine the difference.

Tempered Glass
Tempered glass is about four times stronger than regular glass or annealed glass. The tempering process makes the glass better able to resist the forces caused by heat, wind, and impact. When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small cubes, reducing the likelihood of serious injury on impact, thus it qualifies as a safety glass material. Tempered glass is used in automotive glass, monitor screens, constructions—frameless glass doors, sliding glass doors, glass enclosures, stair rails, and home appliances.

Laminated Glass
Sometimes referred to as “lami,” is made by placing a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) between two or more layers of glass and then fusing them together under heat and pressure. The thickness of lami qualifies it as safety glass, and when it breaks, the pieces adhere to the PVB and do not fly or fall. Laminated glass is used for glass doors, table tops, cabinet glass, storefronts, shelving, mirrors, and more.

Both of these glass types are versatile and because they are “safe,” you can rest assured that people won’t get hurt or injured if the glass is     broken or damaged. If you need tempered or laminated glass, for your next build, we have it in stock at AGI, so just give us a call.