Clear Glass Cabinets

Glass in the Kitchen

Glass Cabinets of Multiple Sizes

Volume 1 , Issue 3

Glass cabinet doors are a welcome addition to any kitchen. Use glass to provide a fresh and modern look to any space. They not only break up the monotony of repetitive solid cabinet faces, but they allow the home buyer to showcase beautiful dishware and collectibles.

Clear glass cabinet doors create an illusion of depth and increased visual square footage.  Whereas decorative glass, allows your kitchen to maintain the luxurious and elegant look of glass without your buyer worrying about having  “less-than-perfectly” stacked dishware. There are several types of glass you may use for your kitchen, such as clear, reeded, frosted and seeded, which gives you flexibility in how you design and style the kitchen.

Make your builds stand out with a showstopping kitchen that features glass cabinetry. Contact AGI for all your cabinet glass needs.

Reeded Glass Cabinets