They cut my tile

AGI notch glass installers cut around the granite and tile

Carrara Italian marble tile, polished to perfection. This brought me the utmost joy walking into my newly remodeled bathroom. Sitting on my newly tiled bench oddly relaxed me and put me at ease. Now time for the glass to tie all the beauty all together. My home builder recommended his favorite glass installers, they were going to be giving me a quote that same day. 

My installer came. With muddy boots all over my newly polished tile he pointed saying “We are gonna have to cut right here, and here, and here to install the glass.” Wait. What? No way, I thought; you’re not touching my tiles! 

“Yeah, we have no way to make the glass form around the tile.” Not my new tile! I had just spent a fortune installing those little hexagons and subway tiles to perfection. He then smiled and gave me the quote price as I excorted him out. 

Yes. That horror story really happened.

But thankfully I went with Arrow Glass Industries…. Who did in fact, have a way to make their glass fit my beautiful carrara tiles. 

Within two days, I had completed my complete bathroom remodel. I am proud I went to Arrow Glass Industries, they delivered quality glass and exceptional service. 


AGI takes center stage with our uniquly designed notch. Our best feature includes cutting the glass to make it fit anywhere; such as a pony wall, shelf, or shower seat. 

Arrow Glass Industries is committed to the quality improvement process. We strive to meet or exceed those expectations everytime by providing top quality material and unmatched service. Don’t loose future business by recommending other glass installers!