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Making a Connection

AGI conducted an information session with the management team of MEDCO Construction in Dallas, Texas.  This informal “get-to-know” us meeting is always a favorite for the AGI team. We love introducing our products and services to companies such as MEDCO Construction, and in return, we get to learn more about their company and what we can do to help them grow their business. In this meeting, our Dallas sales team, which included Kerry Pollard, Duayne Price, and Jeff Host, shared information about AGI and provided breakfast for the MEDCO Construction team. As you know, everything is better with food.

Meetings such as this are where strong business relationships are forged because you just can’t beat the connections that can be made in a face-to-face meeting. This type of open and honest discussion, helps each party involved come to a “meeting of the minds” so to speak so that a relationship between the two businesses will not only develop, and grow but thrive.

Arrow Glass Industries, a.k.a. AGI lives by its motto of being “the fastest custom glass in the industry…period”. Our top three goals are to be fast, cost-effective, and provide our customers with quality products and services.

If your company is looking for a glass fabrication company, with a long and reputable history, look no further than AGI. With six locations in Texas, we can service just about any place in Texas, just give the office nearest you a call so we can “make a connection” with you and your team.