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Meet our Multifamily Team

Multifamily projects are on the rise. Did you know that 1 in 5 American households live in a multifamily property? Be it an apartment, condo, mixed-use building, student housing, low-income or age-restricted, multifamily builds are in high demand.

Having a team of people who specialize in the unique needs and requirements of a multifamily build is essential to the success of build and to the success of companies, such as ours – Arrow Glass Industries (AGI). AGI is fortunate to have a professional and knowledgeable group of employees who know their craft and take pride in their work.

As a multifamily builder, you want to offer your customers a wide variety of amenities such as fitness centers and 1st floor retail spaces. It is these things that will put your build a step ahead of the competition.

Let AGI help you make that all important step. You can count on AGI for three things: 

1. Supply you with quality glass products for both your interior and exterior needs.

2. Fastest turn-around times in the industry.

3. A top-notch professional team.

Call AGI and let our team help you complete your multifamily project!