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Have you thought about Tempered Glass?

All glass is not created equal, therefore you have to find the right glass for each space within your project. Keep in mind, you may have to use 3 or 4 types of glass to complete your build. So, have you thought about using tempered glass?

Top 4 Ways To Incorporate Tempered Glass

Here are the top four ways builders utilize tempered glass:

  1. Stair Railing – sturdy and holds up to a lot of wear and tear
  2. Table Tops – try it for a conference room table or reception desk
  3. Display Cases – a great choice for retail store fixtures and shelving
  4. Office Partitions – doesn’t break if someone bumps into it

Tempered glass has a lot of versatility. It falls within the “safety” glass family because when it is hit or damaged, it immediately crumbles to the floor instead of shattering everywhere.

Tempered Glass Certification

When you need tempered glass, look for one that is certified by the SGCC (Safety Glazing Certification Council). AGI holds tempered glass certifications for 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch glass thicknesses. Tempered glass from AGI is glass you can trust for all your projects.