Voted Best Bathroom Mirror for 2019

Back-lit bathroom mirrors are one of the most popular mirror types for homeowners right now. Everyone wants a more modern and contemporary bathroom. It’s the common choice for those who want a sleek space while having the functionality of two important components of a bathroom: lighting and mirrors.

Why buy a backlit mirror?

Some people don’t like the idea of hanging lights directly over the mirror in their bathroom- it’s a necessity, but can be an eyesore. Above all, lights can take up valuable head space in a bathroom with low ceilings. 
The subtle lights from the mirrors outlines can make the mirror stand out and come off the wall, creating a layer of depth, but still enough to let people use it for makeup, hair-styling, and other essential activities inside the room. At the same time, the lights behind the mirror give it depth, which makes the bathroom become more interesting and beautiful. Because back-lit mirrors are often powered by LED lights rather than incandescent ones, they use much less energy and last longer than ordinary light bulbs would. 


If you’re looking to add some style to your project, a back-lit mirror can be an easy way to do so. No one can deny that the aesthetic of this mirror screams sleek and modern. 


Every bathroom needs light. Why should you have to have ugly bulbs sticking out of a plastic fixture? Back-lit mirrors provide all the light needed, adding functionality to any room requiring a mirror and a light.
Arrow’s LED lighting used in our back-lit mirrors are available with a dimmer switch. Switching between warm or cool color temperatures to complement any complexion. Our high quality mirror gives a pure, flawless, and widespread glow.
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