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Unparalleled Capabilities. Superior products. exceptional service.

For more than 25 years, Arrow Glass Industries has grown and evolved to meet the needs of residential, multi-family and commercial developers, contractors, remodelers, architects, and homeowners for superior quality glass and mirror products.

From single-family residences to multi-million dollar high-rise condominiums, we have developed a reputation for partnering through the challenges of design, budgets and closing dates. To ensure consistent quality and time-sensitive installations, we have expanded our Houston facility. We buy internationally to keep our prices competitive. We continually re-tool, re-think and re-engineer. We champion quality at every level; from the first contact to the dress-out.

With 14 office locations in Texas and 1 in Louisiana as well as a multi-state distribution, we continue to diversify while building on a strong foundation as the leading shower enclosure manufacturer in Texas.
We appreciate the daily vote of confidence from our customers who challenge us to do more, offer more, and install quicker. 

core values
  • Use integrity as a ground rule for who we are.

  • Pursue excellence both individually and collectively.

  • Support continuous improvement through quality process.

  • Be truthful in all we say.

  • Be honest in our dealings with our customers, company, and each other.

  • Work together as a team.

  • Support our community and industry.

mission statement

Arrow Glass Industries will maintain an honest and fair environment that is team-centered, process-managed and customer-focused. We will continue being an industry leader, building pride, trust and confidence with customers and employees through continuous improvement. 

quality policy

Arrow Glass Industries is committed to the quality improvement process to determine our customers’ requirements and meet or exceed those expectations every time by providing defect-free services in a professional, safe and ethical manner. 

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